Empowering People, Changing Lives



These are future needed projects which will be considered

as funding or partners are found. 

St. Louis Projects ​ - ​11/2/17 Update - Lighting the Path is exploring locations to set up programs to

better serve those in the St. Louis region.  We are in discussions with universities and women's programs to add additional

services where there are needs.  Initial product research and test marketing is being done for the Giving Hope Project

for empowering women with skills to gain employment or start an enterprise.

The Moringa Tree Project in Kimini- 11/2/17 Update - Still looking to acquire land
11/16/15 UPDATE - Three additional water wells were drilled in Kimini at the end of March!!!

The village of Kimini is receiving additional water wells!  The Kimini project will include teaching skills to maintain a garden and harvest moringa trees.   The project will parcel land into blocks to be managed by women to feed their families and sell the surplus crops. Moringa has been found to have tremendous nutritional value.

Enriched Peanut Butter production​ - 11/2/17 Update - research continues on how to facilitate local production

1/8/16 update - Research and implementation of an enriched peanut butter and food supplement production is moving forward and a production specialist is in training!  

Production of enriched peanut butter would offer help for malnutrition and be an economic benefit to the region.  Peanuts are currently grown in Burkina Faso and would be easily farmed and harvested to be processed into peanut butter.  Bringing in additives which would improve the nutritional value and boost calories would also be of benefit to the nutritional needs.  building a processing plant and beginning production will depend on funding or assistance.

Dano Women's Project - With funding we will begin the Dano women's 

co-operative and have multiple villages who are anxiously awaiting the start of this

program. These villages have a Christian church established and this co-operative

will focus on assisting widows, disabled women and women who are in these villages.

This will assist with basic needs along with empowering them to obtain the needed

skills and contacts to make a sustainable income. Lighting the Path will work to assist 

with supplies, training and in finding a market for their art and goods. This is their

livelihood and it is limited by the market in their own impoverished community.  

Connecting them with a larger market to sell their art and goods will empower them

to grow and succeed, lifting families and communities out of poverty.

We spent time in Burkina Faso, West Africa with women of the Dano area.  We learned how they make shea butter and are researching the best methods to make products with the shea butter and the most beneficial business approach to assist these women.  Many women make shea butter, but do not have opportunities to sell it in the remote regions where they live.  We are looking at the best options for these women and what opportunities exist for them. The women also requested assistance in organizing community gardens to ease the physical burdens on the older women and widows and we will be exploring how this can be done.

Creating Rainbows in the Dark is the project for the visually impaired 

populations in the villages. 

UPDATE 11/28/17 - research is underway to teach eye health and hygiene

practices, nutrition to improve vision and provide glasses and medical care

for the visually impaired.


Resources are so few in most areas of the

countries we work in that a disability further reduces the chance for any

type of productive activity.  We hope to assist with nutrition and medical

care to decrease the cases of blindness.  We are researching options for

education and productive activities for the disabled populations.  We will

welcome assistance or advice regarding this project and post developments

as they happen.

Blindness in Africa:

In Africa, more than three million children under the age of five are blind due to a vitamin A deficiency and 50 million more are at risk of blindness. Vitamin A deficiency is also one of the leading causes of death for children and a major risk factor for pregnant women.

 Besides sending vitamin suppliments, a simple solution is available: a variety of sweet potato that is particularly rich in beta-carotene, which the body converts easily into vitamin A. Just half a cup a day of this type of sweet potato protects the health of children and also dramatically reduces maternal mortality rates. The sweet potatoes — called orange-fleshed sweet potatoes— are inexpensive and easy to grow, and children love their sweet taste.  Initiatives are in place to expand the planting of these types of sweet potatoes.


Like the appearance of a rainbow in the clouds on a rainy day, so was the radiance around him.  This was the appearance of the likeness of the glory of the lord. 
Ezekiel 1:28