A young woman smiles at the camera during one of Lighting the Path's sewing lessons as a part of the Giving Hope Project
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February 5, 2019

By: Dawn Malcolm

Lighting the Path is helping individuals explore their talents and teaching skills to immigrants, refugees and marginalized populations to provide a product or service to market.  Often people in need do not have the time, supplies or assistance to explore what talents and skills they may have which could be turned into a business.  We offer what is needed to help people uncover or discover their skills and work with them to find a way to develop a profitable and sustainable business.  Many immigrant women come to this country knowing how to sew or cook and we assist them in learning how this can be used in a productive profitable enterprise and how to establish an enterprise legally.   They are often overwhelmed with the language difficulties, forms, business details and process and we assist with these needs.  We help them navigate the path to starting a business legally

Lighting the Path is exploring locations to set up programs to better serve those in the St. Louis region.  We are looking to find a building to rent or purchase and offer services to the community. We welcome partnerships with others who would like to join us in our efforts.

Lighting the Path is in discussion with organizations, universities and women’s programs to add additional ​services where there are needs not being met. We are also looking at possibilities to research and start a business incubator with refugee and immigrant populations in St. Louis, MO.

Last updated: 08/22/21


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