God sent His son to establish His kingdom on earth and Jesus said we are to continue his work.  We are to love in a way that others amazed by it, inspired by it and wish to be part of it.

An essential element of the best outreach programs

Is empowering those you serve

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 Empowering People, Changing Lives


Educating and giving women skills and supplies to make a product and run a small sustainable enterprise to earn a living and raise the standard of living for her family.

We are building a school for girls in Burkina Faso and sending textbooks and educational materials from France to village schools..

Empowering Women

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Creating sustainable solutions to alleviating poverty and enriching lives is what we do.  Educating and teaching skills are the easiest ways to help others become self-reliant and improve their own lives.  Listening to and learning what those you are serving need and want is the first step to developing an effective solution which will give knowledge and skills that will benefit individuals for a lifetime.

Building Schools and Providing Educational Supplies.

One of the biggest barriers to education, health and opportunity is living in poverty.  ​ Lighting the Path Enterprises believes that a step to alleviating the issues of poverty is offering education and vocational training.  It devotes it's energy to meeting the needs and economically empowering marginalized populations with sustainable solutions which include education, training, supplies and micro-finance support. Lighting the Path achieves this by using a multifaceted approach which promotes education and financial stability of individuals, families and communities.  By evaluating the available resources, skills and needs we develop empowerment programs and find the most productive ways to teach and empower them while maintaining cultural diversity and dignity.