You can make a difference

Our Work

“God sent His son to establish His kingdom on earth and Jesus said we are to continue his work.  We are to love in a way that others amazed by it, inspired by it and wish to be part of it.”

Empowerment Project

The Girls for Girls Project

In Africa, many women and girls do not have sanitary supplies to deal with their monthly period. They are often restricted from activities, family, work and school at this time.

Education and Empowerment Project

School for Girls Project

Numerous African girls are often sent out of the house to survive on their own at age twelve or forced into marriage.

Women’s Empowerment

The Giving Hope Project

The Giving Hope Project is a community service program in St. Louis, Missouri assisting marginalized populations including refugees, immigrants, under served and homeless.

Empowerment Work in Burkina Faso

Lighting the Path achieves our goals through biannual, 4-week trips to Burkina Faso.


Lighting the Path offers micro finance assistance in special need situations.

When compassion, creativity and generosity meet,

you can change the world.