Education and Empowerment Project

School for Girls Project

Update – August 2021 – We are currently in the third building phase of our school construction!  This effort will allow girls to have a safe place to live, receive and education, receive training and skills to support themselves and build a prosperous life.   Numerous African girls are often sent out of the house to survive on their own at age twelve or forced into marriage. They are not always given an opportunity to receive an education and can be taken advantage of and abused.  They often end up on the streets with no one to care for them and no where to go.  

Your support allows us to teach girls skills to support themselves and build a life with a future!  Teaching them how to make a product and start a small business to earn an income empowers them to take charge of their own life and make their own decisions.  We encourage participation in school classes to further their education and stress the importance of having an education.