Empowerment Project

The Girls for Girls Project

How do you achieve your goals in life when you are held back just for being a girl?  When you miss out on life because of your body’s natural, normal cycles?  In Africa, many women and girls do not have sanitary supplies to deal with their monthly period.  They are often restricted from activities, family, work and school at this time.

The Girls for Girls project promotes the making of washable cloth feminine hygiene pads for girls and women in poverty-stricken countries. This will allow them to live a more normal life during these times and not miss out on education and other needed activities.  We are traveling to countries where these items are needed and setting up training and production.   We have many groups in the US who make these items and we send them or take these with us to distribute when working with women and girls in need. They are directly given to teenage girls and birthing clinics who need them. Please join us we strive towards a world where women are not held back just because they are women. Contact us for more information and download the patterns below to make the products.