Empowerment Work in Burkina Faso

Lighting the Path recognized the great needs of those living in poverty in Burkina Faso.  With the help of people like you, we developed a project plan to best meet those needs by empowering people to help themselves.

Your support lets us encourage and teach self-reliance and skills to to individuals in poverty and allow them to produce a product or service and start a small income earning enterprise.  Our outreach teaches micro-finance, small business skills, and how to make a product in order to help people start their own business.   This income raises the standard of living of their families and empowers their lives.  They are able to pay for schooling for their children, purchase medicine, food and necessities. Your donations toward Lighting the Path make our assistance possible and helps in providing the resources needed for these projects.

Our efforts include showing love and respect to individuals who are often undervalued and overlooked in their society.  Watching someone’s life change when they realize they do have worth and possess valuable skills is amazing!