Pastor Joel Zongo and his wife will oversee the project.  He is also a leader in a youth organization there in Burkina Faso.

Girls in poverty face a future of little hope.  Statistics show that in certain areas of the world up to 85% of the girls are never educated and remain illiterate. It also shows that educating girls and women is one of the most beneficial things to improving the poverty level, health and future of a family.  Girls are often not sent to school because of the cost and the idea that they do not need to be educated to work in the fields and care for the family.  We hope to open an education center in Niangaloko, Burkina Faso for those girls who are not sent to school by their family and are often sent out of the house and told to find a husband to take care of them as early as age twelve.  They end up on the streets with no one to care for them and no where to go.  

Three hectares of land outside the village of Niangaloko will be acquired for the project.

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The School for Young Women and Teens in Niangaloko, Burkina Faso -

This project will include housing for teen girls to allow them to complete their schooling and have a place to call home and people to call family.  It will include teaching responsibility, accountability and bible study.  This will also include an education center for skills training such as sewing, weaving and soap making to empower these girls to earn an income and support themselves.  Village women will assist in teaching classes and also attend classes to empower them as needed.
Project Milestones: UPDATE!! 11/2/2017 - The first milestone is accomplished!!  We have purchased land in Burkina Faso!

Next we will raise funding to begin the first phase improving the property in Niangaloko and drill a well, build an initial housing building and begin sewing and small business practices classes.  Initial start up costs are approximately $40,000 for the first phase.
Second phase will add a training center to expand program offerings to include additional skill training and services such as computers, weaving, gardening and animal care
Future goals: Research additional partnership facility options for training and education out in the village of Kimini and begin scholarship and higher education support for the women and children served.