The Women's Aid Fund Collected donation and purchased a prosthetic arm for Elizabeth!  Thank you to all who contributed!

Dear Potential Volunteer: 
Thank you for your interest in Lighting the Path. Without our volunteers our program would not be possible. Whatever opportunity you decide to volunteer for, just know you are making a huge difference in the lives of marginalized people in need.

There are a few different volunteer opportunities to choose from:

 Empowerment skill training—Your main responsibility is to be a mentor and teacher to participants in a training program. Your role is to assist participants with any needs they might have during the training classes and start up of a small enterprise. 

 In the Office—You can help with office tasks such as stuffing envelopes, making phone calls, filing, putting together retreat packets, etc. You can do some of these things from home too! 

 At an Event—You can help with registration, parking, silent auction, raffle, etc. (tasks will vary depending on the event). 

 Auxillary—You can assist Lighting the Path by joining our organization Advisory Board, helping to fund raise for the cause or by joining a special event committee to help us with event planning and logistics. 

To be eligible to be a volunteer you must first fill out the volunteer application. When I receive your application, I will contact you to set up an orientation. After that, we will be in touch with you via email to discuss the volunteer opportunities further.
Again, thank you for your interest in our program. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Dawn Malcolm, Founder and CEO of Lighting the Path,  314-650-6397


The Women's Aid Fund was established when one of the women we were working with needed a prosthetic arm.  There was no way she could afford this and we saw that this would make a huge difference in her quality of life.  Medical and life needs are very important for quality of life, but most often never taken care of because the solution is not affordable.  Funds will be held in an account specified for assisting these needs.  If you would like to be part of this effort or contribute to this fund, please contact us! Blessings, Dawn    

The Women's Aid Fund

MAKE A DIFFERENCE:  What you can do

Take time to look at your strengths and think about what you could teach or share with others.  Think about what is most needed by someone in poverty or unemployed or in a tough situation and how you could help them meet those needs.  Do they have a skill you could build on to help them begin a career?  Do they have all the writing and computer skills they need to write a resume, search for job openings, do well at a job interview?  In poverty stricken countries they may need the basic necessities such as food or water and you can teach them how to better meet those needs - grow a garden, purify water, build a better shelter. See others with your heart - with love and compassion even when they are different from yourself and let them lead you to what you can do to help them.

​For our organization - 

Volunteer: We welcome others to contact us regarding the development an empowerment project.  We will consult with them, partner with them or guide them in their own project.  We are looking for assistance with fundraising and all aspects of running the organization also.  

Donate or fund raise to help up continue our work. Share the story of the organization with others.
Lighting the Path needs funding for the programs assisting the people being served and moving forward with projects for teen girls in Burkina Faso, West Africa, the women's co-operative associations in the villages of Yako, Dano and Kimini in Burkina Faso, West Africa and others.

Organizational areas which could specifically use assistance are:

Non-profit management advising
Fundraising, grant writing, donations solicitation
Event planning, marketing and promotion
accounting and legal advising
gathering information on importing goods and the legal requirements for each country
maintaining and updating the website
gathering information on educational and activity aids for the blind and disabled
gathering information on weaving looms and other hand made goods supplies 

​ Lighting the Path Enterprises devotes it's energy to meeting the needs and economically empowering marginalized populations through education, training, supplies and micro-finance support. Lighting the Path researches and develops empowerment programs to aid marginalized populations living in poverty.  By evaluating the available resources, skills and needs we develop empowerment programs and find the most productive ways to teach and empower them while maintaining cultural diversity and dignity.

 We also do consults with mission groups to evaluate projects and recommend approaches for maximum benefit to those needing aid. We travel to many countries to implement empowerment projects where we train the local people and give them tools and materials to begin a small business or production of goods.  We teach small business practices for the optimal success and do follow up and troubleshooting, if needed.  We also do micro- finance loans and assist with establishing a small business.  Once marginalized people are empowered to become self sufficient in meeting their own needs and improve their own family's health and status, they are then able to help and serve others and assist mission projects in the work being done and reach more people in need.



           Empowering People, Changing Lives