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The Girls for Girls Project

Thank you for visiting the Girls for Girls Project website! Our goal is to empower girls and women and help them live better, learn better and earn better globally.  One of our goals is to connect girls and women in ways to allow them to empower each other.  One of the projects we are promoting is the making of washable cloth feminine hygiene pads for girls and women in poverty stricken countries. Please join us we strive towards a world where women are not held back just because they are women. 

We appreciate your involvement with the girls for girls project!  We will accept donations of washable sanitary pads and make sure they are given to women and girls who are in need of them.  We are also teaching women to sew  pads for their own communities in poverty stricken countries!

please consider making a donation to help us with our training program and shipping costs!  Thank You!

The Girls for Girls projects is a program to connect women and girls to service opportunities to empower or aid other women and girls.  In Africa the women and girls do not have sanitary supplies to deal with their monthly period.  They are often restricted from activities, family, work and school at this time.  One of our projects is to supply these women and girls with washable sanitary pads.  This will allow them to live a more normal life during these times and not miss out on education and other needed activities.

These pads may be sewn out of fabric.  

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