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Sports teams and leagues often update their uniforms every few years leaving boxes of usable uniforms sitting in store rooms collecting dust.  We will take sports uniforms which are still wearable and get them to youth, sports leagues, club teams which are in impoverished areas and countries.  This gives the program an ability to participate in competitions, is more appealing to youth and gives those participating a sense of pride and motivation to participate and be proud of their involvement. 

Micro-finance Projects

Lighting the Path has implemented micro-finance enterprises with specific women in need.  We obtained supplies and trained them in how to make sugared peanuts.  We taught small business skills and how to run an enterprise and sustain the production.  The women were identified by missionaries as being in significant need and the projects have been successful in empowering them to earn an income and help their families. 

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Yako Women's Center Project -11/16/15 UPDATE - the Women's Center had it's grand opening on January 24th, 2015 and had it's first graduation ceremony 10/23/15! 
​On the grounds of Sheltering Wings orphanage in the village of Yako, the development of a women's shelter and center has been very successful.  Many women with children are homeless and in great need of food and shelter in Burkina Faso.  The center gives women and their children assistance with food and medical care, education in math, small business skills and bible study along with skill training is given.  We evaluate resources, skills and abilities of the women to train them in skills for gaining employment, making goods for sale or establishing a small business.   

Providing sewing classes and sewing machines to start a business

Business School classes

Sewing Skills Training

Donated uniforms given to a youth soccer team in Burkina Faso, West Africa.

Burkina Faso woman making sugared peanuts after training and supplies were given to start a small enterprise.

Poverty robs families of health, education and the hope of a better life

Update on project:  Water well and crops for Kimini

The village of Kimini, Burkina Faso is received three new wells in March!  Friends in Action came to Kimini and drilled five wells and hit water in three of them!  The village received water and heard the story of Christ as the living water!  We hope in the future to plant moringa trees and small vegetable crops to feed the people.  This will feed the families and any surplus crops can be sold by the family for income. Please consider donating to this project.

Village of Kimini, Burkina Faso

Women's empowerment project 

The empowerment project in the village of Kimini has been successfully implemented.  Lighting the Path is working with the Benkadi women's association of the village and supplying equipment and training to begin making shea butter soap and lotion. A leader of the village women's association was sponsored to attend a conference in March 2015 which was focused on shea butter product development. Soap and lotion are currently being made and sold in the village and at the market.  Small business practices are being taught and initial sales of the products are very good.  It is wonderful to see the women excited about this venture.

We will be returning for follow up evaluation and assisting with needs to grow the business.

Women's Enterprise

Lighting the Path is currently assisting in the development of a line of goods being made by women in Burkina Faso, West Africa through the Sheltering Wings program.  Weavers and seamstresses are making fabric and we are working with them to design a line of purses, backpacks, table runners, and other items to support themselves and the Sheltering Wings orphanage.  Lighting the Path is importing and selling these goods in the US.  We will make custom fabrics and goods for customers and may be contacted regarding this business option.  

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