Street Business School is our newest addition to the services we offer.

Street Business School is an extremely successful six month program used to assist people in identifying a good business to start or growing a current business and how to do it.  It is a comprehensive program which covers business viability, market research, developing a business plan, promotion techniques, business strategy and good book keeping practices among additional relevant subjects.

We are making preparations to implement the Street Business Training program in Burkina Faso, West Africa at our L'Oasis D'Espoir women's center and exploring options to offer the program to immigrants and refugees in St. Louis, Missouri.

Street Business School Developers and Program Trainers

​Phoebe Mulinde, Chris Harper and Racheal Nalukwago

 Our Street Business School Certified Lead Trainers

Dawn Malcolm - USA       Janet Guizzetti - Burkina Faso

Lighting the Path

 Empowering People, Changing Lives